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The Waverley Estate

Our vision is to support the Waverley community by providing quality, person-centred aged care and community services, that respond to people’s changing needs. Our services will promote health, wellbeing and connection, in welcoming settings that conserve and respect Uniting Waverley’s rich history.

An overview of the concept master plan

Uniting is proposing to build a purposefully designed, contemporary home for the extensive range of community and health services it provides. The services aim to meet the changing needs of the Waverley community. The indicative concept master plan includes:

  • Residential aged care
  • Independent living with care, including affordable housing for older people
  • Seniors’ gym
  • Community facilities such as a café, hair and beauty salon, chapel, multipurpose spaces and consulting rooms for visiting health professionals
  • Men’s Shed.

The War Memorial Hospital specialises in aged care rehabilitation and assessment, and pioneers a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of people over 65. It will continue to operate and support people to return to a healthy and independent lifestyle under the new concept master plan.


Located in the heart of Waverley at 125 Birrell Street, Uniting Waverley is close to public transport, shops and other amenities.

Project timing

Any future development work will be subject to the normal planning process. This includes the preparation and approval of Development Applications for the design and construction of any new buildings. This flow chart shows the process to date and indicative timing of the project’s next steps.

Visit the Waverley Council website here.

Our purpose and values

As part of the Uniting Church in Australia, our foundation is Christ’s invitation to serve humanity by creating an inclusive, connected and just world. Formed in 1977, as a union of Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist denominations, the Church’s inaugural Statement to the Nation is just as relevant now, as it was more than 40 years ago. From the outset, the Uniting Church sought to be a loud voice for a world that’s fair and equitable, to always welcome everyone exactly as they are, and to protect God’s creation and the planet we all live on.

Mission is in our DNA

In the Uniting Church founding document, Basis of Union, our mission is described as ‘reconciliation and renewal … for the whole creation’. In God’s eyes we are all equal. By respecting and valuing everyone exactly as they are, by listening to them, by recognising that the adversity people face doesn’t define them, and by seeking to serve them and involve them, we are upholding people’s dignity.

Our mission is reflected in our values and our ethical principles, in our person-centred care, and in our social justice and advocacy campaigns. We are mission-driven, rather than profit-driven. Mission is in our DNA.

Our partners

We’ve been considering improvements to the Waverley Estate that will restore and enhance both its heritage and amenities. We’ve partnered with several renowned specialists to create the concept master plan: 

Architectus (Architect)

As a top-tier architecture and design studio, Architectus has worked on a wide range of national projects across the residential, education and public sectors. The plans for Uniting Waverley reflect Architectus’ design philosophy, which is focused on people, place, purpose, planet and production.

Arcadia Landscape Architecture (Landscape Architect)

Arcadia Landscape Architecture is a talented team of landscape architects and urban designers focused on designing world class landscapes. They aim to create memorable places that will help improve quality of life and promote community connections.

Willowtree Planning (Master plan)

With extensive experience in the private and public sectors, both in Australia and abroad, Willowtree Planning is a leading national town planning consultancy. The Willowtree team has assisted Uniting to develop the concept master plan for the Waverley Estate.

Savills Australia (Project management)

With years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and a passion for project management, Savills Australia is supporting Uniting with the coordination and management of the redevelopment.

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