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Preserving and celebrating heritage

We’re committed to continuing the legacy of care at Uniting Waverley by providing purposeful and complementary uses for all heritage assets, landscapes and features in a way that reunifies the Estate.

The heritage buildings at Uniting Waverley are in excellent condition, as we’ve been respectfully using and maintaining them for over 100 years. We’re passionate about celebrating and building on the history of the site through conservation, while honouring the Vickery family’s historic legacy.

Our indicative concept plans for the redevelopment are based on a strong understanding of the Estate’s heritage. This includes the way it was used in the past and the way it has evolved over the last few decades. The concept master plan has been guided by consideration of how the Vickery family legacy could be conserved and celebrated.

Under the concept master plan:

  • The main Edina manor and War Memorial Hospital buildings will be retained.
  • The Ellerslie, Banksia and Wych Hazel homesteads will be retained.
  • Other heritage buildings on the eastern side of the Estate such as the chapel and the heritage gates on the corner of Bronte Road and Birrell Street, will be retained.

The concept plans are based on detailed heritage advice from respected heritage architect Hector Abrahams. They have been reviewed by Waverley Council’s heritage team and Heritage NSW.

The War Memorial Hospital is an important building within the Waverley Estate that Uniting is committed to preserving. Uniting is exploring the potential expansion of the hospital’s services, but right now our focus is on improving and redeveloping the areas and buildings around the Hospital.

Video feature - Waverley Estate Care: History and Context

Farhad Haidari, Principal Architect from Architectus, explains his team’s vision of care for this unique and special heritage project legacy site.

Heritage Gardens

We’re committed to respecting and conserving the heritage landscape spaces at Uniting Waverley. Inspired by the 19th Century landscaping values of the Estate, the proposed landscaping aims to celebrate and enhance the beauty of the heritage buildings and provide a variety of layered spaces.

The proposed development aims to improve the Estate’s streetscapes, public areas, amenity and links to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Uniting is dedicated to preserving the nearby important wildlife and ecological corridors, through maintaining and building on the existing landscaping. Biodiversity has also been considered as part of our planning.

The master plan is at the indicative concept stage. Uniting is supportive of Council’s site-specific Development Control Plan. We would be looking to retain as many trees as possible. This will be informed by more detailed master planning, tree reports and senescence planning to ensure we create a proposal that affords the best possible ‘whole of Estate’ concept for the future.

We’re looking to retain the leafy, green look and feel of the site. This includes maximising the opportunity to retain and protect existing healthy trees where possible, replace old or damaged trees and improve the ecological features on the Estate.

The landscape plan will be informed by the Waverley Council Development Control Plan and is subject to Development Approval.

Under the concept master plan:

  • The historic plantings will be celebrated and preserved where possible, while the gardens and landscaping are proposed to be expanded.
  • Planting designs that aim to maintain the ecological zones while acknowledging contemporary community needs, are included in the indicative master plan.
  • Green links will be established through the Estate to allow an accessible and pleasant walk through to nearby amenities.
  • The gardens will provide tranquil places for the community and people who live at Uniting Waverley to connect with nature and enhance their wellbeing.

Video feature - Waverley Estate Environment

Michael Barnett, Principal at Arcadia, talks about the concept landscape masterplan vision, designed to reunify the site with the gardens and celebrate the landscape.

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