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Announcing The Edina Estate: Family, Faith and Fortune in Victorian Sydney.

Uniting is pleased to announce the publication of The Edina Estate: Family, Faith and Fortune in Victorian Sydney, a book written by Michael Waterhouse.

Michael is a descendant of the Vickery family, who developed and lived on the Estate between 1859 and 1922 when ownership was transferred to the Methodist Church. Edina was the home of Jeanie and the wealthy businessman and philanthropist Ebenezer Vickery. The Vickerys raised their 6 children here, and later 24 surviving grandchildren grew up on the estate.

The book explores the lives of these families, particularly through the lens of a camera owned by a family member in a time long before such cameras were used by individuals other than professional photographers.

Extensive research has revealed many aspects of the house and the estate which were previously unknown, including vivid descriptions of Waverley in the 19th century. This fascinating narrative conveys a compelling sense of time and place. It’s a powerful story, and one that Uniting has been pleased to support through publication.

You can find out more, including where to obtain your copy here, or by downloading the book’s

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